Wednesday, May 11, 2005

On the cusp of average

I forgot to tell you guys something about that meeting we had with the superintendent the other day. He was there to pass along some good news. The state senate was in the process of looking at a bill that would increase teachers pay by $4,000 over the next two years. Well, he miraculously must have morphed into Elvis Presley because we turned into the hormonal teenage girls, ready to rush the stage in orgasmic hysteria. The news was beyond good for us.

He then went on to say that the reason for the increase is an attempt to match the national average of teachers' salaries. Why that room didn't fall silent immediately, I don't know. I looked around and I saw grins continue to grow and fists still pumping from the first half of the news. At first I thought the superintendent said the national average thing under his breath and nobody heard him, but he didn't. These poor people's spirits have been broken down so much that they are just satisfied with the money and none of dirtiness tied to it.

Still, I couldn't believe it. Why was no one mad to hear that we've been under the national average all of these years? Why wasn't there a revolt? Nothing's better than a group of teachers with below average conditions developing the future's citizens.

How are we doing? Crappy, but at least it's cheap!

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