Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The meek shall inherit the S

So we had to wear the school colors today and we shot a video. It wasn't that bad. The faculty went out into the parking lot to spell out a huge SLHS. Unoriginal, but harmless. Something interesting did happen though.

Organizing a million man (and woman) march into the parking lot to spell anything is an exercise in frustration no matter who is involved. But, it was quite clear during the spelling process who were the coaches and who were the English teachers at the school (it seems they rarely overlap). We English teachers were quietly waiting in line to be dispersed into the parking lot to our assigned letter location and here come the coaches from behind. They just imposed themselves and strutted by, pushed past us all the while saying, "Is this what we're doing? We go right here, right?" All the while we were mumbling, "Yes, that's right. That's the plan. We just wait in line while you guys get to cut in front." Of course, we were mousy and said it under our breaths, so we were the only ones that could hear it.

We're tough guys, right?

Well if you go first, I guess you get first pick of the letters. What letters go first? The easy ones. The L's an easy one. Straight lines. That leaves us English weanies with the S's. Have you ever seen a decent human S before? No, because they don't exist. They're never symmetrical. Our S looked terrible, but there we were, waving our meek little hands at the camera as they circled above our pathetic little S's.

I've seen soup kitchen lines that look like better S's than ours.

Go Barons!

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