Thursday, May 19, 2005

I love me some coaches

I know that I have commented before on how the coaches have been abrupt and imposing. Well, let me also say that I am so glad that they are in my corner. If I'm having trouble with a student do I call home? Nope, I see if they play a sport because I want to tell the coach. Hobo Teacher Tip #482: get the coaches involved. Discipline problems disappear when you let the coaches get involved, people. Our basketball coach likes to send his players on expeditions (read: two mile runs) for little things like breaking out a mobile phone in class. Just let the word "expedition" seep from your lips and watch the basketball players react and cringe like they're in some Pavlovian experiment. Coaches are a big reason that this job is somewhat manageable.

Get them involved people! There is no substitute. I tried wearing a whistle around for that coaching vibe--nothing. Maybe because there was no pea in it. That's the thing about dumpster shopping--tons of stuff, but it's not the highest quality.

An extra $2,000 dollars a year for 1,200+ hours of work, you're worth it. I salute you--the Hobo Coach.

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