Friday, May 27, 2005

Everybody's working for the summer

They needed volunteers for going through the lockers now that the kids took their last finals today and you know that I was at the front of that short line. On top of that, the school dumpsters will be stuffed to the gills with teachers' leftovers. Three fourths of a yard stick? Don't mind if I do. It will be great for my summer bindle. Not going to use those snapped rubber bands? I'll make sure they get a good home.

Anyway, we survived another year. Can you believe another year has gone by? I know that I should find a job this summer, but this is a time I need to enjoy myself. This is the time where I get to stay up late because I want to and not because I have to get papers graded by the morning. This is a time where I get to actually read all of those newspapers I collected and not just sleep on them. This is Hobo Teacher time.

Even though there were a ton of bumps, I am looking forward to next year's crop. You have to when that student comes by and drops off a poem they wrote. Or when they ask for some summer reading suggestions. They are our little reminders of why we come back. I just need to get ready for them next year, as I'm sure they need to do the same for me.

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