Wednesday, June 02, 2010

What’s in a Name?

A student I had last year, a Mr. Zapaka stopped by to give me one of his graduation announcements. I remembered him being a good egg, but it wasn’t like we were super close. So for him to give me one of his announcements was a little odd.

He had a very specific reason, though, to give me one. It was actually one from a shipment he got that misprinted his name. He needed to get rid of them and thought I would appreciate the humorous result. According to the incorrect announcements a Mr. Azpaka was graduating this coming weekend.

To aid me in case I didn’t get the crude moniker he emphasized the pronunciation.

“Get it? AZZZ-PAK-A. If you say it real fast—.”

I stopped him there. I didn’t need any further explanation. I picked up on the fact that that the name belonged on the back off a letter jacket. Though I did wonder why he thought I would appreciate such a thing. Hmmm.

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