Tuesday, June 01, 2010

A Textbook Situation

We’ve got to get our class set of textbooks in before the year is completed. When that is I’m not entirely sure. It could be today, tomorrow, or the last day for teachers, Thursday. We don’t know because Hammer’s e-mail last Friday about collecting textbooks included that she wasn’t entirely sure herself when she would require them to be checked-in. Great. Thanks for the heads-up about, well, nothing. That’s just what we need while trying to close out the year.

What she did know is that she would charge us “seventy or something dollars a pop” for the ones that do not get returned, so we should “have the checkbooks ready” if we can’t get all of them back. Do you know what’s awesome about someone threatening to take your money? It’s when they’re cavalier about it.

If only she was able to share the message in person. That way she could have given me one of those fake punches where she pulls it at the last second and then laughs at my flinching. Maybe she’s saving that for when we actually turn the books in. Whenever that is.

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