Thursday, June 03, 2010

To Summer-ize

Okay, so it is the last day. Students finished yesterday, and the teachers are tying up loose ends. Of course the school insists that we party before we get our last day obligations out of the way. Everybody is rushing around like the last helicopter is about to leave Saigon.

The word is that the school is providing gifts to those teachers who have served the district for at least twenty years. Its show of gratitude will come in the form of a piece of luggage with wheels. Man, I’ve heard a picture says a thousand words, but an apparatus that facilitates one to leave? That doesn’t seem to produce as many words. Nope that’s very direct indeed. Was there a one-way ticket inside?

Anyway, this is where HT takes his summer break. It’s been great that you guys could visit the Web site for another year. I wanted to give you a heads-up that the site may be tinkered with a bit more this summer. The changes may mean that those who get the blog through RSS may have to re-subscribe like you did a couple of months back. Don’t worry. You’ll get an advance notice before anything happens.

Enjoy the summer.

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