Thursday, August 24, 2006

The teacher is in.

Are you guys ready to be creeped out? I was in our annual sexual harassment meeting. You know the one, where you watch the video (the same one every year) and then sign off saying that you are a qualified watchdog in the subject matter.

Well, before any of us could sign off after the video, one teacher blurted out, "My brother was accused of molestation. That's just crazy because he's my brother."

Yes, you're right. We all did freeze for a half of second, shift our eyes to the teacher on our right, then to the left of us and finished by trying to act casual.

Now, I'm sure that she wasn't expressing a theory that child molesters are solely compiled of those who are an only child. At least let's hope not. Instead, I'm sure she was bothered by this event in her family history and was just dying for any opening (no matter how small) to get it off her chest.

My students do it all the time. Someone will come out of the closet in their analysis of an Anne Bradstreet poem. Or they will express their secret love for their best friend in a paper about the Neo-Classicists. Heck, I even had football player confess that he only played because his dad wanted him to--in a vocabulary assignment!

Hey, maybe I have grounds to requisition a couch. That way I could get some power naps in. Uh, I mean--help the students.

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