Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Hammering Down

Well, SLHS added a new administrator even though seven teachers were dismissed. Yea bureaucracy! Her name is Ms. Hammer and let me tell you, I'm the nail. On the sixth day of school, she came in to do my evaluation. She said that she preferred to surprise her teachers because it removes all pretense. Actually, she just removed the "pre" and left me with tense. After the class, she told me that there were some things that concerned her, and she was going to leave some literature in my box for me to go over and talk about within a week's time.

Really? Six days in and the classroom management is a little rocky? Hmm--maybe it has something to do with my revolving door of a class roster.

Sally is out of 3rd and is now in 2nd.

Carl is still in 5th period, but with a different teacher.

Britonni showed up to 1st period and 7th period (She had her schedule changed during 2nd.).

Sally is out of 2nd and back into 3rd.

Here's a new student with none of his books.

Sally is no longer in 3rd, but in 1st. Wait--back in 3rd. Who's in 1st? That's right, Sally Who, the exchange student.

And let's not forget that I never get my kids' modifications until the 2nd six weeks, which makes a lot of sense.

Heck, she could have at least given the delinquents time to get themselves into juvie before coming in for an assessment.

At least Hammer won't be able to critique my students line of sight with the overhead and TV because those were taken out of my room during the summer for a district meeting between the tennis coaches and have disappeared since.

I haven't been to my box yet, but I can't wait to see the articles that address such scenarios. Obviously, there won't be one on meeting with teachers beforehand to set goals for the year.

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