Thursday, August 03, 2006

Teachers Without Borders

Okay, so I'm back at good old Springwood Lakes High School this week.

Or at least what's left of Springwood Lakes.

When I pulled up this week, I couldn't help, but notice practically the whole side of the building missing. I could see overheads, desks, papers flapping in the breeze--all kinds of junk. At first I thought Mr. Waller, the physics teacher, had made good on his annual finals week promise "to take a sledge hammer to this place" (either that or he had perfected the neutron bomb he was working on towards the end of the year).

Then I remembered all of that hub-bub back in May with the renovation stuff. 'Member? What I was witnessing was the progress of the renovations... that began two months ago. It's been the whole summer and we got nothing to account for it, but a big ass scholastic doll house, minus the cute little miniature Victorian lecterns.

Now I still don't know why there hadn't been more done. If you go by the grapevine, then the school district didn't apply for the needed permits until the beginning of the summer. Nice. Now, I'm no expert but I don't think you can just go to Ticketmaster and print out some e-permits. Those things take some time. But what do I know?

Another version going around is that the district ran out of money halfway through the renovations. What? Aren't these things planned out? And by "plan" I mean something a little more substantial than buying 100 lottery tickets, crossing your fingers, and hoping for the best.

No matter the reason for the situation, it will be rough sailing ahead this school year. Some teachers will have to float until their rooms are ready. Whenever that will be. Shoot... I'd rather stay in a room with a wall missing than have no walls. I'd finally have a window after all of these years. My classroom has zero windows and it's so much like a tomb that David Blaine is going to spend seven days in there and televise his emergence on ABC.

They're also going to have to shuttle the students in from a satellite parking lot because ours has cranes and bulldozers in them. Finally, there are vehicles in the student parking lot that are more expensive than their cars.

Speaking of dozers, those shouldn't be distracting at all while I'm trying to teach.

Clack, Clack, Clack

Could you repeat that for the class, Jimmy?


I didn't quite get that. One more time, please.


Maybe you should!


Write it on!


The board, instead!


At the very least I'll be able to test my theory about my students being able to sleep through anything.

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