Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I'd write this guy a hate letter--if I wasn't so lazy.

Summer couldn't have come soon enough. Due to our stale, district mandated lesson plans, we read the same books again and again, year after year. That gets pretty taxing, but in the summer--there's freedom. No one can appreciate walking into a bookstore and seeing countless new titles more than a teacher. The only thing fresh in the English department's book room are the annual doodlings of rock group logos and weapons scrawled on the books by students.

With that being said, I walked into a bookstore today and it was wonderful. I had absolute sensory overload. So much so that I wandered into a section that I had no interest being in--the "Education" section. Seeing all of those nuggets of wisdom, claiming that they had the answer to being a successful teacher certainly did give me a chuckle. I might as well have been in the "Fantasy" section.

In hopes of some more amusement, I grabbed one of the books and came across a chapter dedicated to why the most capable teachers are not found in the teaching field. In a nutshell, it stated that the truly motivated individual wouldn't be satisfied with only working 9 months a year, so that left the profession open for the less driven to occupy.

What?! I don't even know where to start, people. How does one attack such insanity? He realizes that throwing essays down the stairs as a grading method is a joke, right?

Being the backwards person that I am, I didn't read the back cover of the book until I had already thumbed through the stupid thing. One of the blurbs declared the book a must read for anyone entering the policy world of education. Tell me that's not scary. My school board could actually be operating under the influence of this "expert." Let's just hope the 2nd edition won't contain a chapter called "Why Teachers Drink the Blood of Puppies."

Calmly, I put the book back on the shelf and left. That is, I put it back after I scribbled "AC/DC" on it.

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