Wednesday, May 17, 2006

See you next year--maybe.

We got another e-mail today entitled "Next Year" from Pécan. It's that time of year where we get about ten of those a week from him. I opened it with the usual disdain, thinking that I'm busting my rump to finish out this year, so why can't next year's stuff wait for--next year?

Well, it turns out that there may not be a next year. Pécan notified us that each school in the district (with a brand new half billion dollar bond) will be cutting 2-3 teachers for next year. Grrreat! Ain't that a way to end the year? We're being thrown out like the desks, except the desks are being replaced with new, shinier desks. At least we were given enough time to say our goodbyes and to make our peace.

The man, who is notorious for never returning any e-mails, actually ended with, "If you have any questions, then please don't hesitate to contact me." I could actually see him releasing this nefarious chortle as he wrote that.

Yeah, I've got some questions:

What's your plan for no child left behind? Put all of the students in one classroom?

Are you doing this because teachers, legally, can't be paid any less than they are now?

How many of the eight administrators that we have now will be cut?

If I punched you in the neck, would that make the decision of who to fire easier?

What I really want to know is why there is enough money to renovate the school, but not enough money for people to teach the students? Sure the kids write like crap, but now they can do it faster with all the computers that are being added--and ergonomic computer chairs--with cup holders.

I shouldn't criticize the plans for the facilities yet. I mean, I probably won't even be around to see them anyway. Maybe somebody could take a picture for me--on one of the school's new digital cameras.

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