Monday, May 08, 2006

TOTY-ly Awesome!

So I voted for Teacher of the Year (or, the coveted "TOTY" as it is known around here) today. Do you guys do this at your school? The winner gets their name painted onto the Wall of Honor (or whatever it's called). But, every year I'm looking at a slip of paper with three teachers' names that I've never heard of before. Invariably, I end up voting for the teacher with the coolest name (Max Payne got my vote last year). That's the downside of teaching in a big school, I suppose. You can't make all the red carpet events and you never meet the TOTY candidates.

If there was only a different way... wait a second...

We could just not have a TOTY. I'm serious. How does one select one teacher? Is the the teacher that sponsors two clubs after school any better than the special education teacher? Does the GT teacher with 100% of their kids going off to college need more recognition than the teacher that gets a seventeen year old to check out a library book for the first time? How could you chose between a teacher that sits on a board over a coach? Coaching is a full time job on top of teaching!

But, I think I have a way around it all. Tonight, after everyone is gone, I'm painting "All of You" on the Wall of Honor. Though it will be tempting to put my name up there next to Max Payne and Amanda Action.

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