Wednesday, May 10, 2006

BEEP, BOOP, BEEP--I'm sorry this teacher is no longer in service points. Please hang up and try again.

So I had a gaggle of girls from the National Honor Society come by my room after school yesterday and ask if they could get service points for cleaning my room. I don't know if you have similar situations, but I always get tons of kids trying to get service points for one organization or another and it's always at the end of the school year.

C'mon, service points for cleaning my classroom?

I'm not an overly proud man, as evidenced by my attire, but is my room a charity case? Sure I can swim through my papers like Scrooge McDuck does with his money, but cleaning a room just sounds more like a chore.

It's something you do, so you can have some money for the movies. I thought NHS service points were for real service.

Shouldn't they be out visiting nursing homes, making renovations to inner-city facilities, or providing for the homeless? Wait a second...
that last one may apply. I bet these kids could get one mean teacher soup kitchen line going at SLHS.

At least they are not coming by and asking to tutor their fellow students for their service hours.

Some would be earning disservice points.

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