Tuesday, May 23, 2006

A hobo teacher in need...

Though the number seems to dwindle each year, I still have some students that give me end of the year gifts. It is awfully nice of them, but I can only drink so much Starbuck's or buy so much underwear from Wal-Mart with those gift cards. It's too bad that I can't do some kind of Christmas list type thing that I could give out to the kids. That way I could get some things that I need for next year.

The list would include:

Copies of the novels we read this year for a class set. I'm sure they could give me theirs (in mint condition).

Copies of the CliffsNotes for the novels we read this year. I'm sure they could give me theirs (in mint condition).

Bibs, so I can keep my dozers from drooling on the desks.

Highlighters--my kids keep breaking them with their highlighter sword fights.

Dictionaries--all mine are covered with graffiti like, "English is a fag," which is wrong on so many levels. Other than that they are in mint condition.

Well, the list could go on really. The one thing I don't need is a clue. I couldn't even give those away this year.

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