Friday, July 07, 2006

Should I stay or should I go?

Well today's the big deadline. As expected with the change of the seasons, tomorrow's the day when all of us teachers have to report to SLHS whether or not they plan to return for the upcoming school year.

Not sure if you have a similar "judgment day" in your particular city/school district/state/whatever. Here, all resignations must be received by this particular date during the summer, or you have to return to your current school assignment for another action-packed year (or, resign later, which will result in the administrators placing a blood curse on you). It's all very interesting in "an indentured servant look into history," sort of way.

That's right. For the uninitiated who may not know, teachers don't get the modern niceties of your modern wage earner (like two week notices). Someone in education had the foresight to implement these rules, understanding what a pile of resignations after the first week with the kiddos could do to the stability of the school. But, I guess we should feel fortunate that they don't chain us to our desks or make us buy our groceries from the company store. But we do have a school store. Hmm...

But, back to the point at hand. Sure, I'll be coming back. I mean, what would you guys have to read if I didn't? Oh yeah, you've got ump-teen million student papers. Still, I like to run through the pros and cons before the deadline. It makes me feel more professional. And now's a much better time than at the end of the school year when the pros are all in hiding.

The Pros:

Money and food are typically good things.

If I leave, who will belittle me on a daily basis? I mean, I'm not married!

I think I'm just one year away from Pécan actually respecting me--as a human being and a professional.

The Cons:

The crying--the kids and me.

Policy changes to the policy that was changed last year.

Not seeing the sun.

Really, this thing could go on forever. What do you guys have to add?

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