Friday, August 18, 2006

The cogs in the machine go round and round...

Man! I just read this article in the paper. I read the paper every night before I go to bed because... well... I'm using it for a bed sheet. This local university did this survey that they do every year. The results stated that 45% of teachers in the area were considering not returning next year. That's crazy, but not shocking. I can't quite remember the rest of the statistics exactly, but it was something like:

On average teachers dedicate 14 hours off the clock to their job per week.

Typically teachers moonlight 10 hours a week to make ends meet.

The number one factor for teachers wanting to leave is working conditions.

As I was drifting off, I thought to myself, "What if that 45% didn't quit at the end of the year, but one day--just didn't show up?" That would be monumental. That 45% not showing up would paralyze the system.

And it's not like the kids would be hurting. They wouldn't lose the ability to learn or anything, but the paperwork back-up would be killer. Daily, teachers have to do all kinds of paperwork (attendance, recommendations, parent contact logs). The administration would be dead in the water without us. How come I can't get the end of Fight Club out of my head? 'Member--when the financial institutions were crippled by being blown up?

I wonder if there are Teach Clubs forming right now?

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