Thursday, August 31, 2006


I tend to get introspective every year at about this time. Why? This is when I get my first paycheck after the school has started back up. Sure, it's great getting those checks during the summer. Even if they're not much, they are pleasant to have. However, once you get back to this grind, then those numbers aren't so satisfying. It gets worse if you try to divide it by the number of hours you worked. It leaves me pondering other professions to dabble in; and every time I come to the same conclusion.

I should have gone into sales.

No offense to anyone, but it can't be any harder than teaching (and the pay is significantly better--but that goes without saying). I mean, everyday I'm trying to convince lil' Taylor that this book is worth reading, or convincing lil' Jason that this assignment, in fact, does not "blow," or I'm convincing lil' Johnny to stop farting in class.

C'mon. I'm a natural salesman. If I can convince the kids to actually lift their heads off their desks and read something, I can sell a few extra widgets to the big account.

The perfect scenario would be to combine teaching with sales. In fact, if you want to increase teacher recruitment, let us work on commission. When lil' Madysson gets a scholarship, I get a 20% cut of it. When lil' Jason becomes partner, I get 20% of that salary. And, heck, I'll even have special deals. Let's say I only take 10% for welfare checks.

Oh well, maybe next year.

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