Wednesday, February 07, 2007

You'll go down in Historian

Wasn't I just talking about recommendations? I can't get away from these things. This time it's for a kid who wants to run for freakin' STUCO Historian. Okay, who's the jack-a-ninny that came up with this policy? Seriously, is a teacher recommendation needed for such a thing? Letters required for getting into college, I can accept that, but we're talking about a glorified (though I don't see the glory in it) scrapbooker.

It's not as if I can write about this kid's ambition because out of all the positions he could be running for he chose, again, Historian. He's like some kind of slacker Goldilocks. President was too hot with all its responsibility. Secretary was too cold with all that writing. Historian was jussst right.

What else could I address? I assume that he has some experience with photography because he always has his cell phone out, and that has a camera on it.

Oh, I know.

"Furthermore, let it be known that Mr. Supine never throws anything away. His English textbook is full with every handout that I have distributed. By the look of things, I would say he has all papers from every class in that English textbook."

I've never been big on students writing their own letters of recommendations, and I sign them as if I had written it, but I may just do that here. I mean this kid has yet to return the student information sheet I passed out in August, so what are the odds I'll ever see the letter? If he can do it, then sure; I'll be more than happy to recommend him for something that involves responsibility.

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