Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Rated "J" for "Jack-A-Ninny"

While I was trying to teach, one of my kids yelled across the room to another (because the most disruptive way seems to be the only way in my class) about how his shop teacher is being a "jag-off." It appears that one qualifies for such status by deducting points for not wearing safety glasses. His confidant suggests to everyone in ear shot, which is everyone in the room, to post a comment on one of those teacher rating sites. The disgruntled student assures his friend (and everyone else) that it will be done. He also shares that while he's on there that he's going to put some cool stuff about his floral design teacher up too.

Two things:

One, what good is it to rate the shop teacher on this site? He's the only shop teacher here. By default he's the best. Why doesn't this kid use the effort to do some school work since he's missing four assignments in my class alone?

Two, this kid is taking shop and floral design? He failed my class, this class, last year! How in the world can he afford to do that? If his counselor is reading this, can you look into that?

Okay, there's a third thing. Do these kids not bitch enough that they need to organize in cyberspace? Teachers create lessons. They present lessons. Students are given assignments. Students turn in the assignments (in theory), and teachers give feedback to those assignments. That's the system. The only variable are the students' attitudes. Let me put it this way, since the kiddos are so down with computers—GIGO—Garbage In, Garbage Out.

Yes, I see the irony of me complaining on my blog about how students take their complaints to the Internet, but they do it because (in general) they haven't gotten their way. This blog is my stress ball, so I don't give these turds really something to complain about.

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