Monday, February 12, 2007

Going Down the Drains (or This job is draining.)

Since I haven’t said much about the remodeling efforts at SLHS lately, one would think that things have been going well. I had thought the same thing until Hammer sent out an e-mail yesterday.

Evidently, there’s been another little snag in this already nightmare of a disaster. The “updated” Science labs are missing its water pipes. They ripped the old pipes out, poured the concrete and failed to do step #2—put in the new pipes. I don’t know about you, but those sound more like “outdated” labs to me.

That debacle has pushed the completion date to “indefinitely,” according to Hammer’s e-mail. She then went on to thank the teachers "for [their] patience as SLHS completes its greatest success to date.”

Greatest success to date? This construction? Those are some pretty low standards.

What? Was the Blitz the best damn air show ever?

The Chicago fire the rockinest bonfire this country has seen?

I guess Katrina is the pool party that everyone is still talking about.

Silly me; I have always thought educating America’s youth was our greatest achievement.

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