Friday, March 24, 2006


Well, the scores on the state exams came back. Frankly, there were no surprises. The outcome was basically what I expected it to be. Most teachers are stressed out about getting the results back, but this is my favorite time of year.

"Why?" you ask? I get to see the students' essays. Come on, there are some gems out there. Enjoy some of these snippets (with the misspellings and everything). See if you can guess the prompt:

Friendship is like drinking beer. You can't get enough and two much can makes you barf.

So friendship is like the crippling disease of alcoholism? What's honor like? Cocaine? What's justice? Huffing glue? Now I need a drink.

There are three main keys to friendship that I'll will speak about. The first one is...

Thank goodness for the explanation. Without that little roadmap, I don't know how I would have gotten through your eight line essay.

For example I think my best friend is a kinda a skank but I don't tell her because thats mean and how can you be mean to you best friend since you guys were six and she would stop being my friend anymore.

That seems fair. I mean she doesn't ask you what the hell you are talking about when you write her letters in class.

I thought he was my friend, until he stole my weed.

Like the old saying goes, "A friend without weed is a friend in need."

One can't be a family, if there not friends.

That came from my pregnant student. I hope that this logic wasn't her birth control. "Well, he's a jerk so what's the harm? It doesn't count if I don't like him."

Friends are the tru foundation too tru friendship. Without tru friends, thus no friendship can be tru.

You guys come up with your own comments while I give my temples a good old-fashion migraine rub.

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