Thursday, March 23, 2006

There is no pain.

After taking a test today I had one student blurt out, "When will you have the test graded?" breaking the silence of the testing environment all of us had worked so hard to create. I was shocked. She did this from across the room while half the class was still taking the test. I went to her desk and reminded her that she can't cause a disturbance while others are testing, that it wasn't fair to her fellow classmates. She was so upset and embarrassed after realizing this that she started to have a seizure. At least I can only assume that's why her eyes rolled way in the back of her head. Wait a second--you don't--you don't think she was giving me attitude do you? Nah, that can't be.

Children are so sweet and adorable.

Fortunately, teachers have powers similar to that of fire walkers. Our wills can divert or block out any discomfort or desire to react as if we have feelings. Why if we didn't, I might have reminded her that she already has five zeros this grading period. And then I would have asked her what her hurry was. Was she not satisfied with her rate of failing and needed to fail faster? But I didn't because, again, we are professionals.

Now if you will excuse me--I have some coals to heat up.

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