Monday, March 13, 2006

One person's trash is another's brunch.

I was up at school today even though it's spring break. Don't worry; I'm not working. I promised myself that I would actually take a break this week. I was up there for the stuff that was left in the refrigerator by other teachers. It was glorious. There's enough to keep this belly full for two weeks. I don't feel guilty either. I see it as that I'm doing them a favor. That stuff would probably have gone bad, right? I've got the perfect cover too, if anyone does say anything. I'll just blame it on the administration.

"You mean they cleaned out the fridge without telling us? Come on! They’re always doing things without telling us. It's last year's Easter break all over again."

And if my conscience still keeps me up at night, then there's nothing like a food coma to take care of that.

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