Friday, March 10, 2006

Don't drink and approve.


Today was the last day before the break. Man, the school cleared out faster than ever. I'm not talking about the students either. Teachers were tripping over one another to get to their cars.

But what I want to talk about is what I found at my car. Under my one working windshield wiper was a flyer from the student council. It said, "Students, remember not to drink and drive this week."

What? In other words: "Students, while breaking the law with under age drinking--please, please--don't break a second law. That would be irresponsible."

Okay, a student being shortsighted is no big deal. I see it everyday. The problem here is that the flyer, like all STUCO postings, had the approval stamp of the administration. Hey, pobody is nerfect, right? I'm just not sure that a teacher would have gotten away with saying something like that in their classes, without some kind of administrational intervention. News flash: a double standard is not a standard that is twice as good as others.

Anyway, you guys enjoy your break, whenever it is. And remember, when you rob a store; don't kill anyone.

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