Thursday, February 23, 2006

A Proposal

I propose an experiment. It came to me because of the fact I suspect that my kiddoes are grade grubbers. Attempt the following with your class when you have time (try in between lesson plans, prepping lectures, and assorted paperwork). The experiment would go as follows:

Teacher: Class--you will all get A's this semester, but you'll have to let me cut off a body part.

Student 1: Did you hear that guys?

Student 2: We're all getting A's!

Then stick one of the kids under the paper cutter. My guess is that the response would be, "What are you doing?!" because their little ears shut off after you tell them that they were all getting A's.

Sure--education is the most important thing in school. None of the students understand the concept of documenting anything that is paraphrase, but they can figure out their GPA's to the thousandth decimal point in the blink of an eye. It's only when it comes to grades that they become supercomputers.

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