Tuesday, February 14, 2006

ZZZzzzz is for "Zero".

I had one of my kids wake up a little grumpy this morning. And by "this morning," I mean in the middle of 1st period. When I had his neighbor wake him up, he barked, "Are you going to wake them up too?" pointing to the other two students who had stumbled off to slumberland.

"When they start snoring we will," I retorted while changing the overhead.

That kid was buzz sawing, yo.

Yes folks, I don't mind my kids sleeping. Well, I do because they are blowing an opportunity to learn, but--let me start again. I teach juniors in high school. These are the same juniors that the state says are responsible enough to operate vehicles, at high speeds none the less, weighing thousands of pounds amongst thousands of others granted that same privilege. Therefore, they're responsible enough to take my class. They need to not forget test dates, they need to rewrite their essays and they need to stay awake.

It's big boy time.

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