Wednesday, February 15, 2006

This book movied me.

The kids took their Huck Finn test today. I'm really interested in how they did. I wish it was for some noble reason, like I take an intense personal interest in making sure that my students walk away from the novel with an enlightened view of the oppression that society can place on the shoulders of an individual, but it wasn't. I'm interested because I set my test up to expose the academic weaknesses of those that decided to watch one of the many film versions instead of reading.

The essays are priceless. They'll write about how terrible it was that Huck was shot at the end. Or, they question Twain's lighting of a scene. My favorite was one essay that said, "The only thing that Huck did that was braver than helping Jim run away was when he threw that ring into the pit in Mordor."

I graded that one two thumbs down.

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