Monday, February 20, 2006

Too bad it wasn't, Don't Be A Jack-a-ninny Week.

I forgot to tell you about something that happened on Friday. I was too busy trying to deal with all of those incompletes in my class? Do you remember? 'Member?

I had a kid say that since it was "Sexual Responsibility Week" that condoms should be passed out at school. "Why are they talking about this in class?" you ask. It's probably because they were supposed to be working on English. You see, cats have this instinct to do the opposite of what you want and teenagers have this same quality. That's probably why Timmy was sprawled out on the middle of my teacher's edition, purring, and giving himself a tongue bath, while I was trying to read "A Horseman in the Sky."

Why I'm really writing about this, though, is because of the response made by another student to the condom comment. He blurted out, "You mean we only have to be responsible for a week? Snap!"

Man, I just hope he was trying to be clever.

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