Friday, March 31, 2006

Teachers are meant not to be seen or heard.

Pécan sent an e-mail during 3rd period that the superintendent was in the front office to field any questions that teachers may have during 1st period. What a thoughtful thing to do. At least it would have been, if this wasn't the first that we were hearing of it. Oh why, oh why did I take my invisible pogo stick to school today, instead of the time machine! Curses!

Optimistic HT would just chalk this up to another ball being dropped. It happens, especially in education. But then there's Conspiracy HT. He thinks that this was some ploy by Pécan to create the illusion for the superintendent that everything is just peachy at SLHS. So, while my students slept, I was kept awake as the following scenario between a nervous Pécan and the superintendent in the front office played out in my mind:

"Well Pécan, it does seem quiet this morning."

Pécan has one eye on the glass door.

"Why wouldn't it be! I mean, only problems make noise. Right? Squeaky wheels, falling trees--exploding hamsters..."

"'Exploding hamsters?' Pécan? Are you alright? Your mind seems to be elsewhere."

Pécan turns all of his attention towards the superintendent, still shaken by the thought of a teacher wandering by.

"Yes sir, my point is that the teachers would be here with their concerns, if they had any to--Oh gawd!"

Pécan spins madly around when he hears the door open. He sighs relief upon seeing that it is just a delivery man.

"Pécan, you baffle me."

"Why don't you get out of here?"


"What I mean is, sir..."

Pécan takes a sigh.

" that you're a very busy man and you have better things to do than stand around here and see that everything is just fine. On to those problem schools! Am I right?"

Putting on his hat, deciding not to try to worry about the situation anymore, the superintendent turns to leave. Suddenly, Pécan grabs the superintendent by the arm.

"Oh sir, you've been that way already. Why don't we leave through the kitchen."

"The kitchen?!"

"Yes, we have a rice pudding that is to die for."

"I must say that I do have a weakness for the stuff."

Pécan is shoving the superintendent out the back, while looking over his shoulder.

"Excellent, we'll have some--if there's time."

The two then leave the school through the kitchen exit, strap on their rocket boots and fly off to blow up the Deathstar...

Wait a second, this isn't Conspiracy HT. This is just Bored HT. Sorry. I get them confused sometimes.

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