Thursday, October 20, 2005

It's getting hot in here.

For the last week my kids have been complaining about how cold it is in my room. Personally, I think that they need to suck it up. This cat has faced many a cold nights. But, I can understand. It's not like I can tell them to build a trash can fire to warm up. Lord knows though that I've got plenty of papers that I wouldn't mind stoking it with.

Instead, I played the man's game--I contacted maintenance. After filling out a "classroom temperature change" form, sending an email, receiving a conformation email and then obtaining a clearance email, maintenance arrived to save the day. It was impressive. He had some kind of tricorder device that shot one of those red laser pointer lights. After taking a full scan of the room, he radioed into some kind of maintenance HQ.

Fourteen seconds later the air shut off. He had me sign a completion form, which was in triplicate and he shined the laser pointer do-dad thing in my eyes. Do you think they were doing a retinal scan? When I did get my vision back, there was ink on my thumb. I think he took my prints while I was blinded.

Anyway my classroom temperature was adjusted--by being shut off completely. All the hoops that I had to jump through and for what? To flip the switch to the "off" position? How much money was poured into that system?

Speaking of--it's been two days since the air was turned off and I've had no AC since. I guess I'm going to have to jump through all those hoops again. I don't want to, but I don't think the kids could take a Hobo Teacher's summer wear. So many holes--so many, many holes.

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