Monday, October 17, 2005

School's out for--6th period??

Today was the day that students could retake their pictures for the yearbook. The problem was that they had to get it done during their lunch--their 25 minute lunch. Let's take a look at this word problem--take the number of kids that hate their yearbook picture and want a new one (ALL of them) and divide that by 25 minutes--what time will the train arrive in Santa Fe? The answer is never because it was a train wreck.

Anyway the lunch period, 5th period, passed and I was in the middle of 6th. About 15 minutes into class an administrator got on the PA and said, "Due to our inability to get all of the retakes in we are extending them into this period. So if you didn't get your picture taken during lunch, here's your chance."

Did he just say, "Here's your chance," on the PA? Was that an invitation to leave class given to the entire school? I could have sworn that I heard the ringing of a dinner triangle after that.

Luckily, I had just put the kiddies down with my "state standardized test" lullaby (see blog below). The last head crashed onto the desk seconds before the announcement was made. If they had not, then I would have had 35 kids deciding that they needed a retake instead of notes on benchmark testing.

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