Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Second verse--same as the first.

Library, Day Two:

I had to tell one of my angels today that he needed to get his head up and get to work. Then, my broken record said that he would be in danger of failing my class if he didn't utilize every second in the library.

This is where he responded with a gargle of sleep-drool, "I don't know how to do research. If you don't believe me, then you can ask my teacher from last year."

After quite a pause, I had to remind him, "Uh, I was your teacher last year. You failed because you would never do any assignments and you slept constantly. I can understand why you are so confused because you most likely assumed that you just dreamed that."

I'm not sure he heard me because about halfway through his eyes got glassy and his noggin was doing that sleep wobble thing. And as his head went crashing back down, I got a great idea. What if--I taught in lullabies? I mean they are going to go to sleep in class anyway, so I should save myself the aggravation and just go with the flow.

O-pen books
And read the lines
Of the po-em "that's gay"


Shh. I just got them down.

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