Monday, April 10, 2006

Seymour Freely

I really do think that someone is bored in the detention hall. Every single day I get 17 updates to the list of students who have detention. And it's not so much that they are constantly sending updates which bother me (and fuel my suspicions of boredom), but it's the names that are on the list which have me wondering. I think they throw in some dummy ones to spice things up a bit. Either way I'm appreciative for them because I like to guess why these kids get written up.

Ms. Winter Brake: Was she in detention for being late? It sure did seem like it took forever.

Mr. Carl Sprick: Did he get three days for hanging out in the hallways?

Ms. Ginger Snaps: Let me guess, eating in class? Either that, or she's a werewolf.

Mr. Rip Action: Uh, fighting crime?

Mr. Sammy Samms: Must have been caught copying homework or something.

Ms. Luscious St. James: I don't know--but whatever it was likely took place in the bathroom.

Again, these could be real people. If that's the case, then I totally understand the urge to act out.

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