Friday, January 20, 2006

Not Reality TV

What's great about my school is that we have cable television in the classrooms. I'm not much of a TV watcher. One must actually own a TV to be a TV watcher, I guess.

With the late nights at work it has been great company and I must admit that I have gotten hooked on the reruns of this one show. It's called "Alias." Lots of explosions and drama--fun stuff, but I found a flaw in part of the story about a girl that goes to grad school/works in a bank/is a double spy/suffers the ordeal of having her best friend executed and replaced with an evil look a like/is the central figure in the prophecy of a cult/daughter of spies (one a double agent)/missed two years of her life/has a half sister due to an affair involving her boss/loves a man that married a double agent, which he executed himself.

The problem is this:

In one of these last episodes I watched our heroine is on a date with the guy mentioned above and they were ice skating. And, go figure, she couldn't ice skate! She was doing the Bambi on ice, ankles buckling, thing and everything. This is a woman that speaks every language in the world and is well versed in the corresponding fighting styles as well, flies through tunnels on rocket sleds, and dodges killer robotic arms! And she can't ice skate? Of course, will this plot hole keep me from tuning in next week? Absolutely not! This is better than JR getting shot.

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