Thursday, September 01, 2005

The Brotherhood of Hating the Girl Pants

I usually don't try to get mixed up with the affairs of the students because it interferes with my lifestyle. With activities like rooting through garbage cans, I don't need any exposure. Flying below the radar is the name of the game around here.

Sometimes, though, I do catch wind of some ramblings. This one has to do with some of the boys upset with another group of boys that wear what they call, "girl pants." I'm not even going to try to explain what that means because I don't think that I can. But, in short, they are tight pants that ride low on the guy's hips. You see them on what I guess you call the "Emo" boys. You know--the ones with the hair--like a scarecrow.

Anyway, there is a faction that doesn't appreciate tight pants unless it's on girls. I guess it gets in the way of their sexism. In fact, it bothers them so much that I heard them in my classroom saying that they were going to write a letter of protest to the school district.

What? These are the same guys that will write an essay in highlighter because my pen cup is all the way across the room, so I think that they're getting a little ahead of themselves. If they aren't motivated enough to open one of my dictionaries because they don't know how to spell "defanitely," then I don't think that they are ready for inside addresses.

Still, I better hide my highlighters--just in case.

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