Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Writing is For Suckers

At the end of my first class today one of my darlings said, "Man I write like almost every day in this place."

A second one chimes in, "I know, I'll probably have to write in my next class too."

I joked in my slacker teenager impression, "Right? Why can't we just watch movies or something?" I was hoping that they would see my point through the mockery, but it went like this instead:

"Nah, the movies that we would watch would probably be boring."

"No doubt."

When did everything become so taxing that it wasn't worth doing? I'll probably hear the following from them soon:

"Why do we have to breathe? It like, never stops."

"I know. We should be on like ventilators (pretend that they know what that means) or something."

"No way! You could never be able to sleep because they would always be making that totally annoying noise like in that movie. Remember?"

"Nah. I didn't watch it. That movie was boring."

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